Delphi-X Observer microscope DX1153 APLi

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State-of-the-art microscopes for advanced Life Science applications.

The ergonomic design and outstanding state-of-the-art objectives make the Delphi-X Observer the ideal microscope for advanced Life Science applications such as cytology and anatomopathology

The 25 mm field of view of the eyepieces and the plan semi-apochromatic objectives enable observations with perfect color rendering at high resolving power. With a sextuple revolver and a large rackless stage with Gorilla glass, the Delphi-X Observer offers the absolute best available Life Science microscope on the market. Long working sessions will not be a problem due to the ergonomic design, low stage controls for either left or right handed users and an optional ergonomic tilting head to match each user requirement.

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The Delphi-X Observer


DIN Super Wide field SWF 10x/25 mm, Ø 30 mm eyepieces
Siedentopf trinocular with 30° inclined tubes. Interpupillary distance adjustable between 47 and 78 mm.
3-Position beamsplitter (0:100/ 100:0/ 80:20). Diopter adjustment on both eyepieces.
• Ergonomical tilting head
• Face-to-face dual head
• Multihead system with 2, 3 or 5 heads
Revolving sextuple reversed nosepiece on ball-bearings

SEMI-APO OBJECTIVES (for demanding users such as anatomo- and histopathology laboratories)
Infinity corrected achromatic Plan semi-apochromatic IOS 4x/0.13 WD 16.5 mm, 10x/0.30 WD 8.1 mm, 20x/0.50 WD 2.1 mm, S40x/0.75 WD 0.70 mm, S100x/1.30 (oil immersion) 0.15 mm objectives

190 x 152 mm stage with 78 x 32 mm integrated right-handed mechanical stage. Standard supplied with robust and scratch free Gorilla glass. Left-handed mechanical stage available on request

Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, 100 graduations, 1 µm precision, 100 μm per rotation, total travel approximately 35 mm. Supplied with an adjustable rack stop to prevent damage to sample and objectives. The coarse adjustments are equipped with friction control

CONDENSER (for brightfield)
In height adjustable N.A. 0.90/1.25 Abbe swing-out condenser

Two illuminations are available for the Delphi-X Observer microscope:
– Diascopic intensity adjustable 3 W NeoLED™ illumination with internal 100-240 V power supply
– Diascopic intensity adjustable 100 W 24 V halogen illumination with internal 100-240 V power supply
The diascopic halogen illumination comes with 2 push-in/push-out neutral density filters for smooth attenuation of the light intensity for all kind of samples. The diascopic NeoLED illumination comes with 1 neutral density filter

The innovative NeoLED™ design is a combination of a custom LED and a specially designed thin lens with a short focal length in order to obtain three main benefits:
– More oblique light from the LED lightsource can be captured, which increases the light output significantly
– Less energy is required to achieve this level of light intensity
– The larger aperture of NeoLED™ allows the optical systems of the microscope to produce images at higher resolutions, very close to the theoretical diffraction limit of the optics

The unique iCare Sensor is developed to avoid unnecessary loss of energy.
The illumination of the microscope automatically switches off shortly after microscopists step away from their position

The carrying grip at the back of the microscope ensures safe transportation of the microscope and the integrated tool & holder makes sure the right tool is always available

Supplied with power cord, dust cover, a spare fuse, user manual and 5 ml immersion oil. All packed in a polystyrene box. LED versions are supplied with white and yellow filter and halogen models with blue filter.

The Delphi-X Observer microscope is also available as fluorescence model

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