MicroBlue trinocular microscope MB.1153

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The modern MicroBlue microscopes are entry-level models for secondary schools. Equipped with three or four 35 mm parafocal objectives

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Eyepieces Wide field eyepieces WF 10x/18 mm
Observation tube Trinocular 45° inclined tubes, 360° rotation
Nosepiece Nosepiece for 4 objectives. Ball-bearing mechanism and click-stops
Objectives Achromatic 4x N.A. 0.10, 10x N.A. 0.25, S40x N.A. 0.65 and S100x N.A. 0.85 oil immersion 35 mm parafocal objectives. The S40x and S100x objectives are spring-mounted
Stages Square stage 115 x 100 mm with 30 x 70 mm X-Y translation stage
Focus control Coaxial coarse- and fine adjustment knobs on both sides with 0.002 mm graduations. Friction of focus control can be adjusted
Condenser Abbe N.A. 1.25 condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder
Illumination LED 1 Watt illumination with intensity control, rechargeable batteries with external power supply/charger
Packaging Complete with manual and dustcover in styrofoam case