MycoFarm(TM) 650 mushroom growing kit

Everything you need to produce between 400-800g of fresh edible mushrooms (except culture syringe). Kit contains: 650g Rye Injector bag Casing mix (new! contaminant resistant polymer matrix) Alcohol swab Humidity tent and perlite

Sterility guaranteed for 28 days post-delivery.

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The MycoFarm mushroom growing kit allows anyone to grow a wide range of mushroom cultures from first principles.

Instructions for MycoFarm mushroom growing kit

For more information see here: Instructions for MycoFarm mushroom growing kit

The kit is suitable for people who want to cultivate edible fungi from basics using a culture syringe (not included). It is a simple three-stage process and can yield several hundred grams of mushrooms over 2-6 crops. No air pumps are needed – it is a very quiet and unobstrusive system that can be left on a bookshelf.

It is very useful to have a max/min thermometer so you can check your temperature range. Too cold will usually just slow things down at bit but temperatures over 35 C will kill many species.

Kit contents: Bag with injection port containing 650g sterile grain, swab, contaminant-resistant casing layer and humidity tent.

Stage One – Inject and grow

The first stage involves growing the white mushroom mycelium on a bag of sterile grain. We use grain as it is nutritious, easy to mix and allows the mushroom to spread quickly through it. This method is suitable for many different species of mushroom but temperatures will vary depending on the species grown.

Stage Two – Casing layer

“Casing” is a term used by mushroom growers to describe the addition of a top layer. Although not all mushrooms need this layer, it is worth adding as it greatly increases yields. Casing protects the grain from drying out and also provides a good habitat for baby mushrooms to form and develop. We now use a new type of casing – dry polymer in a bag (which replaces the older “soil” in a tub). The dry polymer requires the addtion of hot water before use.

Stage Three – Producing mushrooms

Mushrooms are the fruitbodies of the mycelium – a bit like the apples on an apple tree. To let the mycelium know it is a good time to produce mushrooms we need to give it three signals: light, air exchange and a reduction in temperature. To do this we place the bag from Stage Two at a lower temperature in a humidity tent which allows light and air in.

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