Novex RZ Stereo Zoom RZB-PL Microscope 65.500

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This is a robust metal stereomicroscope with great optics built to withstand tough industrial environments. Long-arm stands (including with clamps) are available.

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Product Description

Used in both the Life Sciences and Material Sciences, the Novex RZ Zoom Microscopes are of a very robust construction with good optical performance.

Greenough Stereo Microscope System:
Viewing Head: Binocular 45° inclined tubes and 360° rotatable, Diopter adjustment on both eye tubes, Adjustable interocular distance from 50 and 80 mm.
Eyepieces: Paired wide field eyepieces WF10x/20 with eyeshades.
Objectives: 0.65x to 4.5x zoom objective, zoom ratio 1:7, magnification range 6.5 to 45x and a field of view from 31 to 4.4 mm. Working distance 90 mm. Other magnifications and working distances can be achieved with optional wide field eyepieces WF 15x or WF 20x and additional auxiliary lenses 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x and 2x.
Stand: Flat alloy metal base with hardened off-white lacquer, Chrome plated pillar 260 mm, 30 mm diameter with black/white object plate, transparent object plate and two object clamps.
Illumination: 60 LED Ring Variable.

Supplied complete with dust cover.

Weight: 5Kg
Height: 38cm
Footprint: 17 x 24cm

RZ Series Popular Accessories:
65.737 Paired wide field eyepieces WF 15x/16
65.738 Paired wide field eyepieces WF 20x/13
65.740 Paired wide field eyepieces WF 25x/12
65749 Micrometer eyepiece WF10x, 10 mm in 100 divisions
AE.1110 Stage Micrometer 1 mm/ 100 parts
AE.1112 Object Micrometer 50 mm/ 500 parts

65.754 Supplementary objective 0.5x
65.755 Supplementary objective 0.75x
65.757 Supplementary objective 1.5x

LV Universal Stand 65.725
A large heavy stand for observation of larger objects up to 300 mm. in height. A 500 mm. x 38 mm. diameter vertical column is mounted on the heavy base, which is 255 x 255 mm. The horizontal arm can be positioned in all directions. The maximum distance from the vertical column to the optical axis is 660 mm. Weight is 18 kg. With the viewing head holder 65.720, the stereo zoom heads 65.700 or 65.710 can be mounted on to the horizontal arm.

LT Universal Stand 65.727
Identical to the LV Universal stand but equipped with a bench clamp to allow the microscope to be fixed to a bench with a maximum thickness of 65 mm.

Stereo Head Holder

With this holder a stereo zoom head (65.700 or 65.710) can be mounted on to universal stands (65.725 or 65.727).