Stereo microscope

SB1402 Stereomicroscope StereoBlue (20x/40x)

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Stereo microscope StereoBlue with 2x/4x revolving objective and rack & pinion stand, LED incident and diascopic illumination, both adjustable separately.  Working distance 100mm


Product Description

Eyepieces Paired wide field eyepieces WF10x / 20 mm with eyeshades
Head Binocular 45° inclined tubes and 360° rotatable. Diopter adjustment
Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 and 75 mm
Objectives 2x and 4x objective in revolving turret. Magnifications 20x and 40x and a field of view of 10 and 5 mm. Working distance 100 mm. Other magnifications and working distances can be reached with wide field eyepieces WF 5x/18, WF 15x/15 or WF 20x/10 and 0.5x and 1.5x additional lenses
Stand Ergonomic large rack & pinion stand, perfect for hands support. Alloy metal cast and stove hardened off-white painted. With transparent and black/white stage plate. Coarse adjustment with tension control
Illumination Incident- and transmitted adjustable 3W LED illuminations. Both illuminations can be used at the same time
Packing Complete with dust cover in styrofoam case


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